Fantasy Medieval Era

Historically Accurate Gameplay

Excluding high fantasy, our goal is to create a semi-realistic medieval life simulation so you can live in the world of the medieval era! Of course we've changed some things, such as decreasing fatality rates of births so you don't lose your character every other time you get pregnant. 😀

High Fantasy Simulation

It's not every day you get to experience life living in a medieval town... unless you frequent renaissance fairs on the daily... Nonetheless, we wanted to add a little flair to the medieval era, and what better way than to add hydras and dragons and imps, OH MY! Our world is based on realistic medieval times with the flair of fantasy to keep you enthralled in the gameplay, while also making it a little harder than the modern fourth iteration simulation game.

“Thus passes away the glory of the world.”


What you can expect

Everything we hope to offer in Medieval Sim


You will be able to spend your hard earned gold to build your dream medieval home! However, some things will be locked and will need to be unlocked by achieving things in the game (no locked content will be unlocked via microtransactions).

Combat & Fighting

Though this will depend on your job, our hopes will be to show you what your character does from time to time, and this will include raid fights, boss fights, or throwing a royal out of the tavern when he's had one to many drinks.

By Royal Decree

Random events may happen from time to time to your folk, and sometimes they may even be things like royals visiting or... even more stressfully... the king himself! Be careful not to mess things up and end up on the guillotine!

Medieval Jobs

With a ton of options, you will be able to do almost anything you fancy in the game! However, only a few will be paid jobs. Go to the bulletin board and see the jobs available. Blacksmith, Farmer, Guard, Adventurer, and Pet Taker are just a few we have for you to choose!

In Game Purchases

We will NOT have any paid microtransactions in the game. If there's ever something locked in the game, it means you have to actually earn that by completing an achievement, task, or gaining it in your job. The only thing you may ever need to buy are expansions, which will add new gameplay, areas, outfits and more!

Challenging Gameplay

Remember the good ol' days, when you'd play simulators, and if you didn't have a high enough cooking level you'd burn your house down, or even worse... your sim would catch on fire? Us too. That's why we're bringing this back! Your actions can have consequence. Oh, you're taming a dragon without getting your taming level up? You may become dragon food. You drank too much ale and now you're cooking on an open fire in your house... say goodbye to your house. Our goal is to create a life simulation, and unfortunately in life, accidents happen, and when they do you can lose someone as a result of that.

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