Our goal for Medieval Sim is to bring you a Life Simulation that has the Sim vibe you know and love while also bringing back older game practices that greedy companies have left in the dust to collect more and more money from the players. We’re here to build a game and sell that game. Fun fact, there was a fifth iteration of a game that spent $265 million on their game. They made 9 BILLION on hard sales of their game. Was this good enough? Of course not. They made 9 BILLION last month on micro transactions, making it more pay to win than enjoyable. Does that extra and extremely passive income sound good, as a business stand point? I’ll be honest and say of course it does! However, my philosophy is this: If Medieval Sim breaks even, and everyone manages to have fun and enjoy a fully functional game, then I’m personally happy!

Our goal is to have everything you can get in the game on release. If there’s anything locked in the game when you boot it up to play, that’s because you have to earn it. This means if you show up and someone has a super cool outfit, furniture, or even a career, it means that they EARNED it, not paid for it. Respect that player! You remember the times when you’d play in a lobby with someone and see that cool Katana on their back and know they were serious about the game? We do, and we love it! I’d rather show off an amazing outfit and everyone know that it was AWARDED to me and not PURCHASED. Is this a good business practice, and will we get a billion dollar loan because of it? No, but who cares! We want a game that will be fun for years upon years. Bringing back the retro gaming practices that were fun and rewarded players for playing is something we’re striving for.

Jumping back to the only extra thing you may have to pay for: expansions. These will bring stuff such as new races, jobs, building objects such as but not limited to; floors, walls, furniture, etc., as well as other things such as… magic? The game will be based in a high fantasy medieval world after all, so who knows, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, and others may be planned as expansions in the future! That’s the only things you will ever have to pay for: Medieval Sims as the base game and eventually expansions. We may even add small packs to download (not buy), which will add more restricted materials that you will have to earn doing various tasks, completing jobs, and genuinely bringing more playability to our game.

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